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Legacy Softside Waterbeds Strata® Layered Softside Mattresses
Deep Fill Softside Mattresses

A Softside mattress has the tremendous advantage of conforming to your body's shape immediately. Unlike a conventional bed, it does not create the uncomfortable pressure points. Instead, the water mattress offers a semi weightless environment on which your body (being 90% water) naturally floats. This results in a more restful sleep, without the tossing and turning that experts say takes place to relieve uncomfortable pressure.  A Softside mattress also pampers you with therapeutic warmth. You experience a mental sense of "letting go" as the soothing warmth engulfs you, and because the mattress is already at body temperature, your heart doesn't need to work as hard to heat you and your bed.
Legacy Softside Waterbeds Strata® Layered Softside Mattresses

Click here for the Legacy Softside Video Page.The Legacy line of U.S. Made Soft Side Waterbed Mattresses represent the best America has to offer, at the best prices in the country. All mattresses include slanted side rails, universal liner, free flow bladder, fill and drain kit, conditioner, and a durable split foundation. Featuring Legacy: Ruby bladders that are generously over-cut and seams are recessed underneath to prevent leakes caused by pressure. We have included Hi - Flex corners and a Trimilitate DuraHeat black bottom for premium heat distribution. All Legacy Waterbed Mattresses are Guaranteed to ship within 3 days of placing your order! Buy U.S. Made, buy the best.

Strata® Softside Flotation Mattresses are the ultimate in luxury from a brand you trust. The Strata® name has been synonymous with quality and value for decades in the specialty sleep industry, and their Softside Waterbed Mattress lineup brings their experience and the latest technology together to form a nearly perfect sleep system.

Softside Waterbed Flotation means you get all the benefits of fluid support, the ultimate in pressure-relief and improved quality of sleep, in the shape of a conventional mattress. Use your existing bedding and furniture, instead of big and bulky wooden frames. Strata® Softside Flotation mattresses are available in all conventional mattress sizes.

Deep Fill Softside Mattresses
Love the way a wood frame waterbed feels but hate the look of the wood? Our Deep Fill Softside Mattresses combine the best of traditional waterbed feel with a modern Softside sensibility. Get all the benefits of full flotation support in a conventional bed size. As always, FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Softsides Provide Natural Backache Relief


Backache is a common problem in modern society, with people making uninformed decisions on mattresses and cutting costs in areas where they really should be putting more attention. Many lower and upper back problems can be tracked back to an improper sleeping position, and even those who do not suffer from back problems per se would see considerable back health benefits and posture improvement when moving to a bed that is kinder on their spine. A waterbed acts as a naturally orthopedic bed, forming around your spine and offering support where it's needed.

Backache can arise for a myriad of reasons - and can affect people of all ages. Younger people with jobs that require heavy lifting of excess exertion can often experience back problems, and those at retirement age can suffer too. Backache may be caused simply by too much exertion, or it may be brought on due to an existing problem with the spine or posture (such as a Scoliosis) which then renders the back unbalanced and induces cramping when normally this would not occur.

Backache and cramp in this area can lead directly to bad headaches and neck pain, along with other problems.
In most cases, backache is experienced into the upper or lower back, with pain sometimes spreading to the hips and waist. In extreme cases, sufferers can be bed-wridden and unable to move.

Causes of backache & lumbago

'Lumbago' refers specifically to pain in the lower back, and can be a sign of anything from a slipped disc to osteoporosis or skeletal damage. Kidney problems, prostrate problems, arthritis and influenza can all cause (or simulate) backache.

The vast majority of cases however, are due to a bad posture either during the day or during sleep at night. We spend a large amount of our lives lying on our beds, and while we sleep the surface we are on influences how our body lies.

Normal mattresses are a very unforgiving surface, and they force your body into an unnatural position. They put undue pressure on bony areas (this is what causes bedsores in convalescents), and do not allow the spine or joints to adopt a natural relaxed shape.

How a waterbed can help

A waterbed supports your body in a vastly different way to a regular mattress. Because the water shifts and displaces with your body, it supports a more natural position for your spine and does not put extra pressure points on bony areas like the hips and shoulder. Weight is evenly distributed, and the stresses on the body are lessened.

Equally, a waterbed creates a room-temperature or warmer surface to sleep on, and this heat can be theraputic. Damaged or tired muscles, ligaments and spinal tissue can benefit from warmth (or at least, a lack of cold). This feature of waterbeds can also benefit a range of other health issues.

Choosing a waterbed over a conventional mattress is not going to be a sacrifice - it is a positive in every respect. It is kind to allergy sufferers and very easy to keep clean, and the water only needs to be changed when you move the bed. Conditioner is to be added fairly regularly, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the water.

After buying a waterbed, you may wish to reassess your seating arragements during the day, and ensure you have ergonomic chairs and stools, in order to not undo the work your waterbed does during the night.

Another main advantage of a waterbed is its flexiblity - it can be adjusted to suit a wide range of weights and sizes, and you can even have an arrangement by which two sides of a double bed have different volumes of water, allowing you and your partner to sleep in comfort. Water can be added or removed to fit with body changes, such as pregnancy or weight loss.

Waterbeds for relief during pregnancy

Pregnant women may also find sleeping a fairly uncomfortable endevour, and a waterbed can relieve much of the associated backpain during pregnancy. The waterbed supports the stomach comfortably and allows your spine to take on an ergonomic shape during sleep, instead of it twisting or being under strain from the weight of your stomach.

In order to supplement the benefit of a waterbed, there are other things you can do to help with backache...

Other ways to be kind to your back

In order to deal with a chronic or painful back problem, you should go straight to your doctor for advice. They may be able to pinpoint an underlying problem, or refer you to a practitioner that can help you recover. Even if they are unable to help directly, they can often prescribe some muscle-relaxing drugs that can help. A chiropractor will be able to take a look at how your back is working, how you walk and stand, and how this may be causing the problem. You may be referred by your doctor, or you may choose to seek out a practitioner yourself.

The following is simply some basic advice, and you should always consult a doctor first.

You can support the work your waterbed does for your back by focusing on improving your posture during the day too. To walk with a straight back, you can imagine a string running through your spine and pulling up through the top of your head, as if you were a puppet. You want to try and eliminate the hump that your shoulders can make when you slouch.
At first, standing this way can be incredibly tiring - this is because your body has developed back muscles specifically to support you in your standard posture (the unhealthy one). Persevere however, as with time your body will realise this is the way you will be standing and will develop muscles to support this posture and minimise the effort you have to apply.
In order to help with this process, your doctor may be able to recommend a back brace. This will take some of the strain of a corrected posture, until your back compensates and can support itself in this new shape.

Backache can be aggravated by weak back or stomach muscles, so light exercise is to be recommended. It's important not to overdo this, nor undertake exercises that might be detrimental (rowing machines, for example, can be excellent for strengthening back muscles, but if you adopt the wrong posture while using them you can do considerable damage to your back).

Heat therapy is often very helpful, especially in the case of back cramping. Muscles that has gone into spasm or cramp can be relaxed using heat pads, or most helpfully - wet heat (like a whirlpool or hot bath). Equally, ice packs can sometimes relief pain that is associated or caused by swelling or overstrain - such as pain resulting from excessive stooping or repititive movements.

Natural remedies

Depending on the particular cause of your backache, some natural rememedies may also help. Many recognised herbal and natural remedies, such as Glucosamine, that may even be recommended by your doctor, which can help with bone and joint problems and ease backache.

A naturally ergonomic & orthopedic bed

A waterbed can aid in the treatment of backache by enabling the backache sufferer to sleep in a more comfortable and beneficial position. A unique distribution of support for the body assures that all parts of the body are evenly supported and that body weight is evenly distributed. Floatation systems remove pressure from the spine allowing the spinal muscles to fully relax. Doctors have also found that the addition of heat speeds up the relaxation process and increases circulation to rejuvenate problem areas.

A gentle way to ease backache

As an alternative to prescriptions and other solutions that can sometimes cause more problems that they solve, testing a waterbed (which you may be able to do in your nearest BWA retailer, check the members page for information) and finding the right one for your body is by far the kindest and most natural backache relief option there is.

A waterbed molds to the shape of your body and spine, providing natural support and gentle posture improvement.

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